Das montanhas pro mar

Nossa Villa Luka oferece-lhe um clima refrescante nas montanhas com ventos frescos, uma clima mais balançado e uma nova piscina elegante em frente da casa. Mas é claro, viajando para a Dalmácia, você não quer ficar só na piscina o dia todo, mas também andar pro mar.

As praias mais próximas são apenas 30 minutos de carro em torno de Brela e Baška Voda. São cheias de cafés, restaurantes de fast food, pequenas lojas e agências de lazer e esportes aquáticos. Você vai facilmente passar um dia da manhã até a noite lá, sem se sentir entediado. Vamos! Dolazite ^^!

Mal schnell ans Meer

Die Villa Luka bietet Ihnen ein erfrischendes Klima in den Bergen mit kühlenden Winden und einem neuen und sehr eleganten Swimming Pool vor dem Haus. Selbstverständlich sucht man aber auch nach mehr wenn man nach Dalmatien reist. Das klare Meer ist unwiderstehlich!

Die nächstgelegensten Strände wie Brela und Baska Voda sind nur etwa 30 Fahrminuten von der Villa Luka entfernt. Die Promenade ist voll von Cafés, Fast-Food-Restaurants, kleinen Geschäften und Freizeit- und Wassersportagenturen. Sie verbringen leicht einen Tag von morgens bis abends dort, ohne sich zu langweilen. Lasst uns Spaß haben! Dolazite ^^!

30 Minutes to the sea

Villa Luka offers you a refreshing climate in the mountains with cooling winds and a new swimming pool in front of the house. But of course, travelling to Dalmatia, you don’t want to stay in the pool all day but also drive out to the sea. The nearest beaches are only a 30 minute drive away around Brela and Baška Voda. The beaches are full of cafés, fast food restaurants, small stores and leisure & water sport agencies. You’ll easily spend a day from morning till evening there, without feeling bored. It’s all about fun! Dolazite ^^!

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Villa Luka is on Instagram

Just connected our Instagram account to our wordpress site through the icon and I feel like a super IT specialist ^^. There I will frequently post photos from our guest house and the lovely surrounding. Hope you’ll like it and come and visit us one day soon!

Yours Villa Luka Family

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Wine From own Production

Villa Luka has grown and produced its own red wine until the 1990s. What is now a vegetable garden, was once full of grapes. Every year in Autumn the family harvested the ripe and heavy grapes.

The eldest daughter kept the tradition on her own vineyard and welcomes visitors to stop by and see for themselves.



Hausgemachter Wein


Bis in die 1990er Jahre hinein hat die Villa Luka noch ihren eigenen Rotwein produziert. Der heutige Gemüsegarten war voller Reben und jedes Jahr im Herbst erntete die Familie die reifen, schweren Trauben.

Die älteste Tochter Maria führt diese Tradition auf ihrem eigenen Weinberg weiter und Besucher können sich vor Ort ein genaueres Bild machen.





Feel Protected

Let me introduce you to our sweet Bella. She was born in May 2014 and is a real protective lady. Tornjak, the name of her breed, is a typical mountain dog from the region, completely adapted to all its challenges. It is said that a Tornjak like Bella is as strong as two wolves. At least once a year pack of wolves still cross the village, afraid of humans but hungry for farm animals, sometimes leaving a bit of a mess and plenty of stories for the locals to create some new legends.