Ein Retreat im dalmatinischen Hinterland


Im kleinen Ort Svib im dalmatinischen Hinterland mitten in den Bergen, organisiere ich mit meinem Team ein Well-Being Retreat basierend auf vier Elementen:

  • Bewusste Ernährung (pflanzenbasiert und eigene Zubereitung)
  • Pilates/Yoga zur physischen Stärkung zu Beginn und Ende eines jeden Tages
  • Waldbaden (Shinrin Yoku)
  • Coaching-Sitzungen zu Themen rund um Lifestyle 2021

Wir laden Sie und Ihre Freund/-innen herzlich ein, Teil einer besonderen Gruppe zu werden. Der Retreat findet in deutscher und in Englischer Sprache statt. Uns steht die gesamte Villa Luka in Svib zur Verfügung, die sich in einer ruhigen Umgebung ohne Lärm und Nachbarhäuser befindet.

Das Programm stellen wir Ihnen gerne im Detail im Gespräch oder per E-Mail vor.

Sonderpreis für schnellentschlossene Wolohos bis zum (18.08.): €1230
Danach: €1350

Weitere Informationen:

Vielen Dank! Kristina

Retreat @Villa Luka (Oct 2nd-11th 2021)

In the small village of Svib in the Dalmatian hinterland in the mountains, I am organizing a Well-Being Retreat with my team, based on four elements:

– Conscious nutrition (plant-based and own preparation)
– Pilates / Yoga at the beginning and end of a day
– Forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku)
– Coaching sessions on topics related to Lifestyle 2021

We cordially invite you and your friends to become part of a special group of people. The retreat takes place in German and English. We have the entire Villa Luka in Svib at our disposal, which is located in a quiet environment without noise and neighboring houses.

We would be happy to present the program to you in detail in a conversation or by e-mail.

Price per Person: € 1350

Additional Information:
Contact: kristina@worldtribe.de
+49 176 – 3626 5169

Thank you very much! Kristina


Amazing New Photos of our Villa Luka

In October this year we received photographer Jeremy Bomford and his family at our guesthouse and are very happy about the beautiful photos Jeremy took for us! Here are some to share with you!

Enjoy the last days of 2018 and visit us in 2019!!!


Villa Luka – Dream Vacation in Croatia

Friends and future friends!!!

We are on Air BNB and from now on it is super easy for you to realize your booking online! All you need is a Credit Card or a Paypal account linked to your AirBNB.

Looking very much forward to receiving you!


30 Minutes to the sea

Villa Luka offers you a refreshing climate in the mountains with cooling winds and a new swimming pool in front of the house. But of course, travelling to Dalmatia, you don’t want to stay in the pool all day but also drive out to the sea. The nearest beaches are only a 30 minute drive away around Brela and Baška Voda. The beaches are full of cafés, fast food restaurants, small stores and leisure & water sport agencies. You’ll easily spend a day from morning till evening there, without feeling bored. It’s all about fun! Dolazite ^^!

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Villa Luka is on Instagram

Just connected our Instagram account to our wordpress site through the icon and I feel like a super IT specialist ^^. There I will frequently post photos from our guest house and the lovely surrounding. Hope you’ll like it and come and visit us one day soon!

Yours Villa Luka Family

This is the direct link!


Feel Protected

Let me introduce you to our sweet Bella. She was born in May 2014 and is a real protective lady. Tornjak, the name of her breed, is a typical mountain dog from the region, completely adapted to all its challenges. It is said that a Tornjak like Bella is as strong as two wolves. At least once a year pack of wolves still cross the village, afraid of humans but hungry for farm animals, sometimes leaving a bit of a mess and plenty of stories for the locals to create some new legends.