Wine From own Production

Villa Luka has grown and produced its own red wine until the 1990s. What is now a vegetable garden, was once full of grapes. Every year in Autumn the family harvested the ripe and heavy grapes.

The eldest daughter kept the tradition on her own vineyard and welcomes visitors to stop by and see for themselves.



Hausgemachter Wein


Bis in die 1990er Jahre hinein hat die Villa Luka noch ihren eigenen Rotwein produziert. Der heutige Gemüsegarten war voller Reben und jedes Jahr im Herbst erntete die Familie die reifen, schweren Trauben.

Die älteste Tochter Maria führt diese Tradition auf ihrem eigenen Weinberg weiter und Besucher können sich vor Ort ein genaueres Bild machen.





Feel Protected

Let me introduce you to our sweet Bella. She was born in May 2014 and is a real protective lady. Tornjak, the name of her breed, is a typical mountain dog from the region, completely adapted to all its challenges. It is said that a Tornjak like Bella is as strong as two wolves. At least once a year pack of wolves still cross the village, afraid of humans but hungry for farm animals, sometimes leaving a bit of a mess and plenty of stories for the locals to create some new legends.